Top Oceanside Bankruptcy Lawyers

Jonathan Beck, Attorney-at-law
Jonathan Beck has been practicing bankruptcy law in Oceanside California since 1994. His focus has been on Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 consumer bankruptcy. Working one-on-one with clients, he has helped hundreds of individuals get a fresh start financially, saved homes from foreclosure and stopped repossession of their vehicles.
Address : 1930 S Coast Highway Suite 204, Oceanside, CA 92054
Phone : (760) 208-4544

Financial Law Associates, APC
At Financial Law Associates, APC, our bankruptcy lawyers go to court with every client and handle each case in person. By knowing the case well, along with the strengths and weakness of that case, it is possible to get a better outcome and keep clients from making the wrong decisions.
Address : 1930 S Coast Highway Suite 103, Oceanside, CA 92054
Phone : 866-654-5047

Law Office of Joseph Battle Carnohan
We focus our practice on a few specific areas to better serve our clients. Those practice areas include Bankruptcy. Our firm has extensive experience helping clients resolve their debt problems and, if necessary, explore the bankruptcy options of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 filings.
Address : 1930 South Coast Highway, Oceanside, CA 92054
Phone : (760) 722-8200

Breathe Easy Law Corporation
Breathe Easy Law Corporation serves individuals, families, and small businesses in Consumer Law (Debt Defense, Bankruptcy, FDCPA, RESPA) in San Diego County, Riverside County, and Orange County.
Address : 2535 Midway Dr 81829, San Diego, CA 92138
Phone : (760) 444-3220

Joseph Patrick Waters
My mission is to provide high quality legal representation and zealous advocacy while maintaining the highest ethical standards. My clients can expect to be treated with respect, professionalism and integrity. I take a genuine interest in each client and will strive to understand their objectives and achieve results that exceed their expectations.
Address : 1930 South Coast Highway 100, Oceanside, CA 92054
Phone : (760) 730-8363

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Location : Oceanside, CA
Phone : (866) 686-5342